Entrepreneurship & Innovation

40 hours 24999

  • Basic Building Blocks – Startup Basics, Startup Ecosystem, Design Thinking Workshop, Marketing, Business Plans
  • Deep Dive – Product Market ft, Marketing of services and products, Investor relations and Business operations, Fund raising Pitch Documents
  • Digital Transformation – Incumbent industries opportunities, Founder Lectures
  • Business Analytics & Emerging Technologies– AI/ML Blockchain
  • Demo Day and Project Work

Business Analytics

40 hours 24999

  • Basics of Statistics & Exploratory Data Analytics
  • Introduction to R
  • Linear Regression Analysis
  • Logistic Regression Analysis
  • Time Series & Clustering
  • Market Basket Analysis & Classification and visualisation
  • Industry Lectures and Evaluation
  • Part 2 - Advanced Business Analytics (Separate) Python

Fintech Applications

40 hours 24999

  • Basic Building Blocks - Startup Basics, BFSI Current Status, Marketing of Financial Services
  • Fintech & BFSI – lending and payments, Investment Management
  • Fintech in Alternates – Insurtech, Proptech, Wealth Management
  • Business Analytics & Emerging Technologies– AI/ML Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, IOT
  • Demo Day and Project Work

Digital Marketing

40 hours 24999

  • Basic Building Blocks – Startup Basics, Startup Ecosystem, Design Thinking Workshop, Marketing, Business Plans traditional vs new
  • Deep Dive – SEO, Social Media, Content marketing on platforms, Metrics (PPC,CPP,CPM CTR etc), website design, conversion rate optimisation
  • Digital Transformation – Digital Analytics, marketing automation, Programatic buying
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Business Analytics & Tools– Google Analytics, Facebook, Linkdin, YouTube,Twitter reports
  • Demo Day and Project Work

Trader X - Multiasset Valuation & Trading Strategies

50 hours 44,999

  • Basic Building Blocks – Valuations basics, Asset Types, Investment Management basics. Financial Markets understanding
  • Equity & Fixed Income – Valuation basics and Investment philosophy, Derivatives (Options, Forwards and Swaps basics)
  • Alternates1 – Real Estate, REITS valuation basics and underwriting
  • Alternates2 – Commodities and Currencies valuation basic methodologies
  • Investment Management – Fund Management Basics – AIF and PE deal Structures, tax structuring of PE and Fund management
  • Startups – Basics Metrics Startup Ecosystem & Business Plans, Startup deals case analysis
  • Guest Lectures– Fund Managers, Traders and Startup founders
  • Demo Day – Project Submission and review of student work

Startup Bootcamp

10 hours No Price

  • Getting Into Entrepreneurship – Myths about entrepreneurship | How startups are riding the shift in market trend | Understanding the big innovations in last few decades
  • Visualizing the Opportunity – Visualize all key dimensions that define your business idea | Identify key business assumptions | Importance of validating the key dimensions
  • Know Your Customer – Difference b/w user & customer | Different types of customers | Dive into shifting customer trends and map the shift| Find the most effective solution
  • Develop Your Offering – How to create a strong value proposition for target customer segments | Key attributes for a strong product offering | Create Value Map | Customer Gain and Pain Mapping
  • Commercialize Your Idea – Key factors for successful transition from an idea to business | Different ways to monetize the ideas | Understanding different types of business models | Defining your business model
  • Pitching To Investors – What do your Investors want | Building your investor story | Your investor elevator Pitch | reharssing Investor Pitch